Sterling Fuels


STERLING FUELS LIMITED is strategically located on the Detroit River to serve the marine industry promptly and efficiently with quality petroleum products.

Large storage capacities
All grades of fuel available
Easy access to shipping channels
Maximum loading rates
Minimum fuelling time
Waste oil and filter service available
Dependable 24 hour service
Can serve largest vessels
Intermediate blended to precise specifications
23 million gallon capacity
Trained personnel to handle lines
Direct radio communication
Pay telephone for convenience of crew


Sterling's marine bunkering facility on the Detroit River is capable of efficiently serving the needs of even the largest vessels of the Great Lakes fleets.

Complete range of fuels
Marine diesel oil
Marine fuel oil
Marine gas oil
Intermediate grades
Mobile lubricants

750,000 barrels of tank storage, all marine accessible, allows Sterling Fuels Limited to serve customers in a flexible, cost-efficient manner.

Sterling Fuels Limited can accommodate any vessel operating on the Great Lakes at its 1000' (304.8m) dock. 27' (8.2m) Seaway draft at chart datum. Water level data available. Ample lighting for safe night docking. Wide turning area for downbound vessels. Wind direction and wind speed data available. Line handlers provided free of charge.