Lower Lakes Towing


Lower Lakes Towing grew from its infancy in 1994 as a small tug and barge operator to become one of the largest marine transportation service providers operating on the Great Lakes today.

Lower Lakes Towing operates a fleet of five self-unloading bulk carriers and four conventional bulk carriers in Canada. Combined with our U.S. sister companies, we have a combined fleet of 15 vessels. These vessels transport a diverse array of dry bulk commodities including limestone, coal, iron ore, salt, grain and other commodities for more than 50 long-standing customers in the construction, electric utility, integrated steel and food industries.

Lower Lakes Towing is unique on the Great Lakes. In conjunction with our U.S. sister companies Grand River Navigation Company and Lower Lakes Transportation Company, we operate both U.S. and Canadian flagged vessels. This operating flexibility is a significant advantage as we are the only company in the Great Lakes region providing significant domestic port-to-port services to both Canada and the U.S.

The bulk of Lower Lakes’ vessels operate in the River Class market segment, where we are the undisputed market leader. River Class vessels, which we define as being less than 650 feet in overall length, can operate in ports that are restricted from receiving larger vessels.