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    Former owner of Marine Clean Ltd. for 25yrs providing environmental waste management & marine contracting services to the Great Lakes Marine Industry. Recently transitioned to an advisory/consulting role with the new ownership (Terrapure Environmental Services) and will continue to support the Industry, the Marine Club, and relationships with colleagues &...
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  • Profile picture of Scott-Woods Transport Inc
    Our origins date back to 1910 and our continued success is firmly built on that solid and historical foundation. Like most companies that flourish over time, we have listened and responded to the changing needs of our customers. We continue to innovate and embrace change to take our place as...
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  • Profile picture of David Demirkan, Barrister & Solicitor
    David Demirkan is a multilingual lawyer, manager, and leader.  He served with the Royal Canadian Navy as a seagoing officer and as a lawyer with the Office of the Judge Advocate General.  He currently runs his own practice and works as director of regulatory affairs with a shipowner / ship...
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