The Marine Club’s 78th Annual Dinner

Blake MartinOn January 20th , 2017 the 78th Annual Dinner of The Marine Club takes place in Toronto, Ontario at the Royal York Hotel’s Canadian Room. The Guest speaker is Blake Martin. Blake Martin holds a PhD in Kinesiology and a Graduate Diploma in Neuroscience from York University, a B.F.A. and M.A. in dance, and a bachelor of education. His doctoral research was in neural mechanisms of attention when trying to perform more than one movement at a time.

A Defence Scientist at Defence Research and Development Canada, he is investigating learning and training under physical and mental stress in combat arms soldiers, and energy expenditure in navy personnel. He is also a member of a NATO exploratory team researching the use of advanced simulators and augmented reality for military training. Blake teaches in York University’s Dance Science Diploma program, as well as speaking provincially, nationally and internationally on issues related to creativity and the brain, arts and the brain, yoga and the brain, and anatomy.

He is a respected teacher in Traditional Thai Massage, a long distance runner, and a martial artist for more 30 years. If it moves and thinks, he likes it.