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The Marine Club is the fraternity of those persons engaged in, concerned with or directly interested in the Water Carrying Trades on the Great Lakes System and connecting waters of Canada.


The Marine Club membership, enriched with a long-standing history, encompasses a range of marine industry stakeholders. Shippers, ports, terminal operators and service providers come together with a focused effort to promote and celebrate the industry. The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway is among the most significant waterways in the world, providing efficient transportation of a range of cargo feeds industry in one of the most heavily populated regions in North America.

Oliver Hiltebrand, President


Welcome to the 81th year of The Marine Club for which I am honoured to be able to serve as your president during 2019/2020. Thanks to our members, corporate sponsors and our hard-working volunteer Board / Executive for the opportunity to serve you in this role.

The objectives of The Marine Club include:

  • The promotion of the marine industry on the Great Lakes
  • Facilitating cooperation and fellowship amongst its members
  • The holding of informal social events for its members and friends and to further the  knowledge of the industry amongst its members and the public at large.
  • Raising funds through memberships and events to fund our Donations & Good  Works Program.


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